The present Temple

In 1692, the most renowned architect in the Sevilla of his time, Leonardo de Figueroa, began the construction of the current temple, which was consecrated on October 22, 1724. In this new temple, parts of the old building are preserved, such as:

The stone apse of the main chapel, which forces the use of the width of this construction in the main nave. Figueroa, in other temples where he worked without this impediment—such as the Divino Salvador and San Luis de los Franceses—executed dimensions very different from our parish church.

The Mudéjar chapels that form the current chapel of the Quinta Angustia are included in the new construction, maintaining the same width as the medieval temple and joining them, changing their direction to form a single chapel.

External openings, bricked-up Mudéjar windows, facing San Pablo Street, can be observed on the sides of the ceramic altarpiece of the Christ of Calvary.

In this reconstruction, Figueroa demonstrated his intelligence and knowledge, creating one of the most impressive Baroque temples in the city over the elements of a medieval temple, with achieved polychromy, the exuberance of plasterwork, and the use of brick and tile.

It was a time of splendor in the community of the sons of Santo Domingo. Hence, the grandeur of the constructed temple speaks of a center of power: the power of God and the power of the Dominican Order, linked to the Holy Inquisition.

Next to the door of San Pablo Street, three plaques recall important moments in the history of the temple:

Foundation date of the convent and consecration of the temple:

"San Fernando III, King of Castile and León, founded this convent of S. Pablo in the year MCCXLVIII when Seville was conquered. Its confessor was S. Pedro González Thelmo, the first prelate of the convent, who erected this magnificent temple. It was annexed to that of S. Juan de Letrán in the year MCCXLVIII, and on October 22, MDCCXXIV, it was consecrated by the Most Excellent Mr. D. Luis Salzedo y Azcona, Archbishop of Seville."

Granting of indulgences on the occasion of its consecration

"Our Most Holy Father Benedict XIII of the Sacred Order of Preachers, by his Bull given in Rome at S. Mariam Maiorem on September 22, MDCCXXIV, the first year of his pontificate, forever grants to all priests of the said Order that, when saying Mass at any of the altars of the Churches of their sacred Religion, they may release from Purgatory the soul of the deceased for whom they apply it."

Episcopal Consecration of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas:

"In this ancient Dominican convent of S. Pablo, on March 30, 1544, the Sevillian Fray Bartolomé de las Casas was consecrated Bishop of Chiapas, protector of the Indians of the New World. May 1966, the fourth centenary of the death of this Spaniard in America."